Update SOAPware using the Automatic Updater

This lesson will describe how to update SOAPware for an existing customer on SOAPware version 7.

Log in to SOAPware

To receive warning of an automatic update, the user with security for "Update SOAPware" enabled, will first log into SOAPware.

SOAPware Update Manager

SOAPware Update Manager

When a new update is available for SOAPware, all users that have the "Update SOAPware" security privileges will be presented with the SOAPware Update Manager seen in the screenshot above.

  1. Name: this column will display the name and version number of the available update.
  2. Size:  this column will display the size of the available update.  Most updates will be much smaller than a typical SOAPware installer, therefore the download and installation of the file will be much quicker than a SOAPware update has been in the past.
  3. Release Notes: this icon will allow the user to view a list of release notes for the update.
  4. Progress Bar:  once the update has been initiated, the progress bar will display the progress of download and installation.
  5. Install: clicking the Install button will initiate the download and installation of the update.
  6. Later: if the user does not wish to install the update at the current time, the Later button may be selected.  

Viewing Release Notes

To view a detailed list of release notes, including all new features, bug fixes and performance improvements, Click the Release Notes icon.  Clicking this icon will open the users web browser in order to display the release notes associated with the update.

If the user does not wish to install the update at the current time, Click the Later button.  When the Later button is clicked, the SOAPware Update Manager will be closed and SOAPware will continue to open with the users existing version.  

Next time that SOAPware is launched the user will again be presented with the SOAPware Update Manager.

Install the SOAPware Update

Install the SOAPware Update

Before running the update, ensure that all SOAPware users have logged off and exited SOAPware.  Once the authorized user is ready to install the update, Click the Install button.  You must be logged onto the computer as a PC Administrator in order to perform the update.  

IMPORTANT: The SOAPware database will also be updated during the installation process.  Therefore it is very important to ensure that all users on the network log off and exit SOAPware prior to installing the update.

After clicking Install, the user will be notified that performing this update will require version updates to all clinic workstations that are used to run SOAPware.  

Click the Continue button to perform the update.  

Click the Cancel button if you wish to cancel the update and log in to your current version of SOAPware.

Once you have decided to install, the download and installation process will begin.  The progress will be displayed in the Update Manager progress bar.

Once the installation is finished, a dialog will be presented stating that the update has completed successfully.

Click the Okay button to close the Update Manager window and continue logging into SOAPware.

Update All Workstations

Update All Workstations

All other workstations within the clinic must also be updated after the initial installation.

The next time ANY SOAPware user logs in to a computer that contains the older version of SOAPware, they will be presented with a dialog to warn them that their version is out of date and the update must be installed (see screenshot above).  

Click OK, then click the Install button to run the update for each workstation within the clinic.  Users will have to be logged onto the computer as a PC Administrator in order to perform the update.

*Note: If the Later button is clicked, the program will exit.  Users will not be able to log into SOAPware until the update has been installed.