Creating Order Sets

An Order set is a group of multiple orders.  When the Order Set is entered the orders within the order set will be entered. This lesson will demonstrate the steps necessary to create an Order Set.  Most providers have several, common, standing orders that are repeatedly selected.  Order sets allow the provider to enter one order set and multiple orders will be placed.

Creating the Order Set Item

Creating the Order Set Item

To Create a new Blank Order Open the SMARText Items Manager using the keyboard command of F10 or by Selecting Documents > SMARText Items.

1. Create a new Item.

2. Select Custom.

3. Click Order Sets.

Select Create.

1. Enter Shortcut, Description, Keywords and Display Header.

2. Select Item Separator of Separate Lines.

3. Click Save.

Open the SMARText Builder Workspace

Open the SMARText Builder Workspace

Click on SOAPware and Select SMARText Builder.

1. Click on the Structure Editor Tab.

2. Find Order Set create in the previous steps.

3. Drag the item From the Search tab in the Structure Editor Tab.  Select Item Separator of "Separate Lines".

Select Orders for the Order Set

Select Orders for the Order Set

In the Example above the Order set if for Immunizations for Children ages 2-3 years.  The "child" order or sub-item is the Pneumococccal Immunization Order.

1. Search for the Items to be placed in the Order Set.

2. Hold down the Control key on the keyboard, drag and drop order as a child (sub-item) of the order set on the Order Set header

3. Sub-items for this specific order may be entered at this time.  Completing sub-items will auto enter information and prevent the user from having to fill these out when the order is placed.

Adding additional Orders

Adding additional Orders

Repeat the process described in the previous step.  

While holding down the Control key on the keyboard, drag and drop the second order on the header of the order set.

Order sets may contain Order Items and Immunization Order Items.

The Order Set may now be entered using Order Manager.  For More information on Entering Orders Click Here.