EPCS Refill Requests: Denied - New Rx to Follow

This lesson will describe the workflow used when the response of Denied - New Rx to Follow is selected for an EPCS refill request.

Refill Requests from Pharmacies that are not EPCS Enabled

Pharmacies that do not accept EPCS prescriptions can submit refill requests to the provider electronically, but the provider cannot respond to those refill request electronically.  If the refill requests was received from a pharmacy that is not EPCS enabled, the Submit button will not become active.  The provider should select a response of Denied new Rx to follow (or other Denied response if appropriate).  If the Denied new Rx to follow response is selected, follow the steps below to submit a new Rx.

Denied New Rx to Follow Workflow

Denied New Rx to Follow Workflow

Select Denied new Rx to follow, then click Send.

Add new Rx

Add new Rx

In the Add Rx dialog, search for and select the appropriate medication.

Complete the medication details, including the strength, SIG, dispense, substitutions, refills, and click Add Medication.

The details of the refill request response as well as the new medication are entered into a SOAPnote.  

*Note: If the patients chart contains an unsigned SOAPnote, the refill response details will be entered into the unsigned SOAPnote.  It is essential for the provider to sign all SOAPnotes.  If all SOAPnotes are signed, the refill response details will be entered into a new SOAPnote for the patient.

To submit the new medication, press F8 to open Rx Manager.  Ensure all details of the medication are correct, then click Submit and select Yes to print the medication.  The medication cannot be sent using EPCS since the pharmacy that the refill request came from is not EPCS enabled.

Select the desired printer for the prescription.

The prescription will be printed and then the Summary Merger window will appear.  Select Merge to add the medication to the patients Summary Medications list; click Close to ignore.

The status of the medication will be updated.