New York Prescribers: Get Ready for I-STOP!

SOAPware is working towards completing development on our brand new ePrescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) update to allow all New York providers to meet the requirements of I-STOP prior to the March 27, 2016 deadline. Our solution to EPCS is fully integrated with SOAPware and requires minimal changes to your existing workflow. SOAPware will allow providers to enable EPCS through a streamlined sign-up process. Please review the information below on how to prepare for the requirements of I-STOP.

1. Ensure you are Registered to e-Prescribe with SOAPware

In order to enable EPCS, you will need to ensure you are registered to ePrescribe with SOAPware. To register to ePrescribe, please submit a Technical Support ticket by clicking here.

2. Ensure you have a Valid DEA Number

In order to write prescriptions for controlled substances, a medical provider must have a valid DEA number. If you don't have a DEA number and need to apply for one, please click here for more information.

3. Ensure you have a Health Commerce System (HCS) Account

All medical providers must consult the state Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) and review a patient’s recent medication history before writing any prescriptions for Schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances. Each prescriber or authorized designee(s) needs to have an individual Health Commerce System account (HCS) in order to query the PMP. The PMP Registry provides medical professionals with secure access to view controlled substance prescription histories for their patients.

For HCS application instructions, please click here.

4. Purchase your EPCS License with SOAPware

Each provider who wishes to submit controlled medications electronically will need an EPCS license.  Please contact our SOAPware Sales team for more information.

5. Update to the Latest Version of SOAPware

Once the update is available, utilize SOAPware's Automatic Update feature to install the update to your server and all workstations.

6. Complete the EPCS Onboarding Process

After activating your EPCS license, the provider will need to sign in to SOAPware and use the EPCS REgistration wizard to begin the registration and onboarding process.  For detailed instructions on how to complete the onboarding process, please see: EPCS Onboarding Process.

7. Utilize a Hard-Token Devise or Download VIP Access for Two-Factor Authentication

EPCS requires a two-factor authentication process using a desktop, smart phone, or hard token device for each prescription of a controlled substance.