Immunization Lot Number Changes

Lot Number Changes

In previous versions of SOAPware, lot numbers were not assigned to individual immunization orders, rather they were stored in one common list for all immunizations.  This was inefficient for the user because it required them to look through a long list of lot numbers in order to choose the correct one.  In the 7.0.16 update, we have modified this functionality and made the lot numbers specific to the Immunization order item that is selected.  

Each Immunization Order item will have its own Lot Number pick list that the user can customize.  To enter a lot number for an immunization:

  1. Enter the immunization into Order Manager or the SOAP Note Plan field.  
  2. Click on the Lot # sub-item.
  3. Enter the lot number into the entry box.
  4. Click the green + button to save the lot number.
  5. Select the appropriate lot number from the list to enter it for the immunization.

This lot number list will be saved specific to the order item/CPT code that it was entered with.

When installing version 7.0.16, all previously entered lot numbers that were in the users common lot number list will be cleared and removed from the system.