New Default Fonts and Colors

New Colors

SOAPware is currently in the process of updating the layout and color scheme for the user interface.  As part of this update, we have modified the default font color scheme. The above image displays an example of the new color scheme and fonts used beginning in this version of SOAPware.

SMARText Color Coding

The new color coding scheme for SMARText is shown above.  If you wish to modify the default color coding, you can do so by going to Tools > Options > SMARText Color Coding.

The previous color coding scheme was as follows:


Description Color
Default Header Color 0, 0, 139
Unstructured Text 0, 0, 0
Structured Text 72, 61, 139
Fields 0, 64, 0
Lists 0, 0, 205
Active Item Background 152, 251, 152