Omit a paid charge when refiling from Insurance Payment Posting

Omit a paid procedure from a claim when resubmitting unpaid charges to insurance.

Billing -> Post Insurance Payments

Refile only denied charges to Insurance

1. Comment Reason for denial

2. Apply payment amount to paid charge(s).

3. Set Next Action to Refile.

4. Double Click on line of paid charge(s) to open Charge Details.

Omit Paid Charges

Omit Paid Charges

5. Place a check mark to Omit from Claim. Click Save.

Post Payment to ledger

Check mark will be placed in the Omit column. When claim is Rebuilt, this charge will not be refiled to insurance.

6. Select Route for refiling claim (Paper or Electronic)

7. Select the File With from drop down option

8. Save Claim and then Post Payment to ledger. Claim will move to On Hold section of Claims Manager.

Rebuild Claim

Go to Billing -> Claims Manager

9.   Locate claim in On Hold section

10.  Rebuild Claim to save claim changes and Scrub claim

Claim is now Ready to Submit