Secondary Claims

When posting a primary insurance payment to a patient visit/claim that has a secondary insurance policy set up in Insurance Demographics, the Next Action will default to File Secondary-Paper.

Secondary claims will automatically be moved to the On Hold section in the Claims Manager once the primary insurance payment is applied to the visit and File Secondary-paper is selected for the Next Action.

Set Secondary Claims to process

1. When posting primary insurance to a visit, verify the Next Action selected is File Secondary-Paper.

2. Save Claim.

When the entire remit is applied to charges and Posted, the secondary claims will be located in the On Hold section and  ready to process in the Claims Manager.

Rebuild Secondary Claim

3. Locate the secondary claim. Click to highlight.

4. Click Rebuild. Claim is moved to Pending Scrub section.

Scrub Secondary Claim

5. Click the Scrub button. Claim is moved to Ready to Submit.  


Note: Paper claims can be previewed by clicking on the PDF icon in the Pending Scrub section


Print Secondary Claim

6. Click the Print Claims button. All paper claims in the Ready to Submit section will print.

7. Click to highlight a single claim and then click the Submit Selected button. Only the highlighted claim will print.