Uninstall SOAPware (copied)

When the SOAPware Auto Updater doesn't work, the SOAPware application will need to be uninstalled and re-installed. 

Add/Remove Programs

Go into Add/Remove Programs.

This can be done by Searching for, or running appwiz.cpl (Add/Remove Programs) on most computers. On some servers, Add/remove programs will not launch with that command. It may be necessary to go into Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs (On older systems) or Settings and then Apps & Features (Windows 8 and newer machines).

Navigate to the SOAPware program in the program list, select it, and click Uninstall.

If a prompt appears asking to confirm the uninstall, click Uninstall, or Yes.

NOTE: If User account control is enabled, a prompt will come up asking if the user wants to allow the program to make changes, click Yes.

There will be a progress bar as SOAPware Uninstalls, and many InstallWizard boxes may pop up and disappear. Once the uninstall is complete, all SOAPware related boxes will close.

NOTE:There is not usually a prompt to let the user know that the uninstall is complete.

Download SOAPware Client

To download the most recent version of SOAPware go to the downloads page here and select the client installer in the center column.

See this article for instructions on how to install SOAPware.