Immunization Changes

The features listed below have been added to meet the Meaningful Use ONC 2014 Edition Test Scripts for 170.314(f)(1) Immunization information & 170.314(f)(2) Transmission to immunization registries.

Recording Vaccine Information Sheet Dates for Combination Vaccines

We have added a feature that will allow users to document the vaccine information sheet dates that are associated with each individual vaccine in a combination vaccine as required for immunization submission.

Exporting Immunizations for Registry

The immunization file export that was previously located under Chart > Export > Immunization Records, has now been moved to the new Immunization chart section.  Selecting the Export Immunizations button will allow the user to choose to export all immunizations that are recorded in the Immunizations chart section, or export only the selected immunizations.  This will export a .er7 (HL7) file that can be sent or uploaded to your local immunization registry.