Medication Errors

Viewing and Correcting Medication Errors

Submitting medications by ePrescription requires certain information to be completed prior to submission.  If any information is missing, an error will display for the medication.  To view errors, click the View Errors button and make the corrections prior to submitting.

Entering Medication Forms

Entering Medication Forms

One common error that may occur involves the medication form.  New ePrescribing requirements necessitate that the user select a form for all medications prior to submission.  If the medication you have entered does not have a valid form, an error message will appear in the Dispense section.

To select the medication form:

  1. Click the Dispense drop-down menu.
  2. Select the appropriate form from the available list.

After selecting the appropriate form for the medication (and all other errors have been cleared), you will now be able to ePrescribe the medication.