CLIA Number Assigned to Lab Charges

Select Lab Fees and choose to automatically include CLIA numbers on claims without having to add Facility Lab for each visit.

Selected Procedure Codes will include CLIA Number on Claim

Selected Procedure Codes will include CLIA Number on Claim

In previous versions of SOAPware, each visit that included lab fees required users to click on the More Info button, the Misc Details tab, and selecting a Facility from the drop down list in the Lab section. This release allows users to select  lab codes from the CPT Maintenance and choose to include the CLIA Number on claims anytime that code is charged, and the correct facility is selected for the visit. The CLIA number will be pulled from the facility indicated in the visit.


Go to Tools->Billing Maintenance->CPT Maintenance.

1. Type Code or Description.

2. Place a check mark in the box to Include CLIA Number.

3. Save. Repeat for each code.

Note: For charges/claims created prior to assigning the CLIA number, the Rebuild process will not default the facility in the Misc. Details tab. You will have to manually add that info.

CLIA will automatically pull from Active Facility

The CLIA number pulled into the claim file will be determined by the Active Facility currently opened in the scheduler at the time the user is creating the visit. For single facility users, your work flow should not change. The CLIA number assigned to the Active facility in Manage Facilities will automatically populate the Lab section in Misc Details tab after adding a code selected to Include CLIA number.

1. Select Active Facility in Scheduler.

2. More Info->Facility will default to Active Facility.

3. Active Facility will auto populate Lab in Misc. Details, and add the CLIA number on claim if selected codes are included in visit.

For scheduling and billing multiple facilities with multiple CLIA numbers, or charges created outside the main facility (physical address indicated in Manage Groups), those facilities will still have to be selected in Providers tab->Service Facility, and the lab will need to be added in Misc Details tab, if selected codes are included in the visit, as in previous versions.

For additional details, please refer to our online manual:

1. Select Service Facility in  More Info->Provider tab

2. Add Facility in More Info->Misc Details tab