Creating Custom Order Entry Items

This lesson will show how to create a custom Order Entry item. These custom order entry items may be used to place orders in the Order Manager.

*Note: Items created via this lesson WILL NOT Calculate for Meaningful Use, they are not meant to transfer to the Billing Statement and are not meant to be used with the SOAPware Practice Management System.

Open the SMARText Items Manager

Open the SMARText Items Manager

Press the F10 key to open the SMARText items Manager then, click the Green + button to create a new SMARText item.

Select Order Type

Select Order Type
  1. In the SMARText Type Selection select Order
  2. Click Create

Enter Order Information

Enter Order Information
  1. Enter the Description and Keywords for this item.
  2. Check the Display Header check box and enter a Header for the order.  Make sure the "only when empty" box is not checked.
  3. Save the item and then Edit it from the SMARText Items Manager.

Enter customizations

Customizing the sub-items will allow information to be pre-populated when the item is inserted into the Order Manager.

  1. Click on the sub-item
  2. In the SMARText Quick Access, select desired information
  3. Complete other sub-items as desired.

Enter Coding

Enter Coding

In some instances users will want to add coding to a custom order entry item.  This may be a custom code, CPT code, or other type of coding.  

  1. Open the Coding/Notes Section
  2. Click the Green + to create a new code
  3. Select the desired coding type
  4. Enter the code in the Value box
  5. When finished click Save.

Place the Item in the Patient's Chart

Place the Item in the Patient's Chart

The new custom order entry item may now be placed in the Order Manager.  Open the Order Manager (Docutainers > Order Entry > Order Manager) the follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Green + to create a new order.
  2. Enter a keyword to search for the new order item.
  3. Highlight the desired item.
  4. Click Select.

The custom order has now been inserted into the Order Manager for this patient.    The order may now be completed and transferred to the patients SOAP Note.