May 2017 - Add Buttons to your Toolbar

May 2017 - Add Buttons to your Toolbar

Tools > Customize

You can add buttons to your SOAPware toolbars to increase your efficiency with access the differenct areas and functions of SOAPware.  To add a button to your toolbar, go to Tools > Customize.


Click the Commands tab and locate the button that you wish to add from the Commands menu. Some commonly used buttons include:

  • New Chart
  • Sign Off
  • Sign All
  • Re-file Chart
  • New Encounter
  • Rx Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Handouts
  • Unsigned Documents
  • SOAP to Summary
  • Summary to SOAP
  • Active Provider
  • Open Current Patient Account
  • Switch User
  • Logout
  • Exit SOAPware

Select the button you wish to add, then click to drag and drop the button onto the toolbar.

The button has now been placed on the toolbar.  To save the changes, go to Tools > Options > Toolbars > Save.