April 2017 - Unsigned Documents Report

APRIL 2017 - Unsigned Documents Report

SOAPware recently added a new Unsigned Documents report.  To access the report, go to View > Reporting > Unsigned Documents.

The Unsigned Documents report will provide the user with a list of all documents that remain unsigned in the database.

To run a search for all unsigned documents, select the provider using the Provider drop-down menu.  Specify a date range and click Search.

Please note that this search could take an extended amount of time to perform.  Reducing your search parameters will reduce the size of the report.  Once you are ready to run the report, click OK.

Report Options

Report Options

Double-click on any of the document line items (patient name, etc.) to open the chart and the reference document.

  • Sign: If you wish to sign off on the documents in the list, highlight the document you wish to sign off on and click the Sign button.  You may select multiple documents to sign at one time; however it is recommended that you do not select more than 20 documents to sign off on in one instance.
  • Print List: If you wish to print the list of unsigned documents, click the Print List button.
  • Refresh: The refresh button will re-run your search based on the selected search criteria.

Signing Off Documents

Users can sign off on multiple documents at once using the Unsigned Documents report.  Just like in the Task List, you can highlight multiple items by using your Ctrl key or highlight a group of items using your Shift key. It is not recommended that you sign off on any more than 20 documents at one time to prevent performance and memory issues during this process.  

Print List

Above is an example of the printed report of unsigned documents.  Clicking the Export To button will allow you to export this list to various formats, including .pdf, .xls, and .csv.