SOAPware 2011 Release Notes

Patch Release Notes listed at the bottom

Performance Improvements

  • Speed improvements when opening charts.
  • Speed improvements when pressing F4 after inserting an order in Order Entry.
  • Speed improvements when inserting a SMARText item in  fields containing large amounts of structured text.

Rx Manager

  • Medication Check box is now automatically checked when inserting medications from multiple sections of the Rx Manager before submission.
  • Resolved issue with Rx Manager warning when making changes in Demographics.
  • Rx transmissions in Rx Manager History tab displays the date and time of submission.
  • Rx transmissions in Rx Manager History tab now display the provider name.


  • Improved network connection handling with Scheduler.
  • Resolved error when inserting conflicting Scheduplates.


  • Resolved issue with displaying document owners/inactive owners created prior to SOAPware 2010 in charts.
  • Resolved issue with launching SOAPware after completing installation.
  • Implemented SOAPware Screensteps Documentation links in Help Menu.
  • Implemented PDF and image printing for customized handouts.  (Print Handouts shortcut code is in Document Designer).
  • SOAPwareXchange - Improved data field exporting on empty fields.
  • Resolved “jumping cursor” issue when deleting text and pressing enter inside brackets of SOAPnote fields.
  • Resolved intermittent errors during SOAPware 4.x data conversions.
  • Implemented tool tips in Data Converter on check box options and writes a log file of any errors out to SOAPware directory to a file called Converter_Errors.txt where it will have a log of the last conversion ran.
  • Resolved issue with printing the security log.
  • Improved PDF export in Chart Share; now lists patient name and document info.
  • “Remove Unused Items” no longer removes the Modifier and Related DX sub items of ST Plan Items when they are filled in. (This prevented superbills from posting correctly.)
  • Improved GIF file import and display.
  • Resolved issue with removing signature image for providers when Clicking “Update” in Provider Manager.

Practice Management

Performance Improvements

  • Improved Database reporting performance.


  • Added the distinction for billing providers of Person (1) and Non-Person (2)


  • Added Note Action for adding note to claims.


  • Made CurrentIIP in Encounters read only because it's now calculated in Billing.
  • Current Illness Injury Pregnancy SMARText item changed to be handled on the billing side


  • Added Special Program Codes (837p LOOP 2300 CLM12)
  • Added EPSDT Referral (837p LOOP 2300 CRC*ZZ)
  • Added LOOP 2400 NTE support.

Claims Manager

  • Fixed a licensing issue with printing paper claims
  • Disabled Patient Demographics Area Code and Telephone check from scrubber

CMS 1500

  • Fixed for totaling line item total amounts on claims.

Facility Manager

  • Added CLIA number entry by facility.

Group Manager

  • Added distinction for Entity Type for Person/NonPerson
  • Removed CLIA number by Group.

Insurance Demographics

  • Fixed issue with editing insurance demographics without a having a Clinical Suite license.

Insurance Manager - Provider Mapping

  • Added distinction for Entity Type for Person/Non Person)


Insurance Payment

  • Fixed default next action for primary claims to "File Secondary Paper".

Patient Account

  • Alphabetized Scheduplate list in Scheduling Tab.
  • Provide the ability to delete un applied payments prior to applying.
  • Added additional check to prevent errors when closing SOAPware with patient accounts open
  • Enhanced the balance formatting in the Statements tab of the patient account.
  • Fixed PDF preview to match preview in Claims Manager.


Patient Archiver

  • Disabled being able to archive a patient with a balance.



  • Fixed an issue related to how insurance payments display on the End of Day Report



  • Fixed issue finding open appointment advanced search showing next day for afternoon slots.



  • Fixed issue related to posting a superbill, if no active Clinical Suite license

Data Manager 2011

  • Resolved issue with creating scheduled tasks.
  • Microsoft .Net 4 is now included in the Data Manager installer.

SOAPwareXchangeHL7 2011

  • HL7 partial lab reports update the existing reports when the accession number is the same
  • HL7 labs using DefaultZPS and DefaultORC interfaces, now correctly pick up providers in the providers copied to field (OBR-28)
  • All HL7 interfaces should use the OBR-22 field to read the lab date if there is no data in the OBR-7 field.
  • Providers excluded through SOAPwareXchangeHL7 are checked so continuous exclusion of the same provider(s) is not necessary
  • Improved Mapping HL7 labs to patients’ charts through Remote Management Utility.

2011.0.207 Release Notes

  • The SOAPware installer was improved to correctly handle the 1720 installer errors.
  • Bulk signing of tasks now correctly signs off when multiple document tasks from the same docutainer are selected.
  • Scheduler was improved to eliminate locking up.

2011.0.224 Release Notes

Meaningful Use

  • The Structured Labs Meaningful Use measure now counts all structured labs regardless of the presence of a face to face encounter.
  • The Vital Signs Meaningful Use measure now counts all blood pressure types towards the measure.
  • The CPOE Meaningful Use calculation now lists success at more than 30% performed on this measure.
  • PQRI measure 0421 requirements have been updated to also include the following parameters:

age 18-64

BMI > or = 25 or < 18.5


  • Resolved an error with Data Explorer searches.
  • Summary of Care on Transition of Care can now be used even if a primary provider is not set in demographics.
  • Exporting immunization records now supports exporting immunization orders entered through Order Manager.
  • Resolved an issue with removing blood pressure, height, or weight from Vital Signs.


  • Resolved issue with the Remote Management Utility when excluding or removing unmatched patients.

Practice Management

  • Added support for Spinal Manipulation claims.
  • Added primary and secondary referral numbers.

2011.0.230 Release Notes

Meaningful Use

  • Inserting an influenza diagnosis now causes a smartflow alert trigger to help meet the Syndromic Health Surveillance measure.
  • The Medical Summary measure no longer unchecks in the MU Patient Dashboard after the date it was performed.
  • The Medical Summary numerator now decreases when an encounter is deleted in which it was performed.
  • NQF 0062 now searches for all Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2 ICD codes.


  • Resolved an issue with storing demographics.
  • Resolved an issue with encounter type locking once a SOAP Note is signed off.

Practice Management

  • Resolved an issue where you cannot delete pre-pays or co-pays that were created as part of a regular payment.

2011.0.238 Release Notes

Meaningful Use

  • Generating Health Maintenance Reports now only adds the Reminder Given status to the rule or rule sets selected when the report is generated.
  • NQF 0421 now exports two numerators and denominators representing both required patient populations.  Click here to view the documentation for NQF 0421