Order Manager Set Up

Order Manager allows the user to place, manage, and track orders and results from within the patient chart.

Order SMARText Item Types

Immunization Order and Order Entry SMARText Item Types

The only SMARText Item types that can be used in Order Manager are order items.  This is due to the way these particular SMARText items are designed. There are several types of SMARText Order items includign:

  • Immunization Order
  • Injection Order
  • Lab/Path Order
  • Procedure Order
  • Radiology Order
  • Referral Order

Downloading Order SMARText Items

Downloading Order Entry and Immunization Order Items

Before downloading, we recommend making a list of the most frequently used Orders in the practice. Orders would include any diagnostic test, procedure, immunizations/vaccines, or referral that need to be performed in-house or outside of the clinic.  

To download the order items that will be used in the clinical practice:

  1. First access the SMARText Items Manager from the Documents menu item or by pressing the F10 key. Verify the check box for Include Cloud Library Items is checked.
  2. Users can search for all orders, immunizations, referrals, etc using keywords such as the test, vaccine, or procedure name.  Users may also search using the CPT code. *Note: In the Type column, the order items can be identified. Clicking on the Type column header will group the SMARText Items together by Type.
  3. Click to highlight the item you want, then click the blue downward facing arrow to download.  After items have been downloaded, customization of the Order sub-items can be made if needed.

Customize Order Sub-Items

Customize Order Entry Sub-Items

Order sub-items that are displayed in Order Manager can be customized under the Tools menu.

  1. Click the Tools menu item.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Structured Order Entry.

Structured Order Entry

Structured Order Entry

The Structured Order Entry tab will allow the user to designate the sub-items to be displayed within the Order Manager and the SOAP Note Plan field for each order type.  Click on each tab (ie: Orders, Procedure Orders, Referral Orders, etc.) to define the default sub-items for the orders.

Immunization Orders

Structured Immunization Entry

If using an immunization interface, it is very important that the sub-items for your Immunization Orders be set up properly.  To set up these sub-items click on the Immunization Orders tab (last tab). Immunization Orders include two types of sub-items:

  1. Immunization Specific: This will show sub-items specific to immunizations.  All of these sub-items may be required for reporting to state registries for Meaningful Use.  Place a check mark in the box for each item to include it by default when an immunization is entered into Order Manager.
  2. Generic Order Entry: These are the basic order sub-items that can be included with orders.  Most users will want to check at least the following: Related Dxs, Performed Date, as these two items are required for state immunization registries and for many eCQM measures.

Order Entry Destination Set Up

Order Entry Destination Set Up

Order Entry Destinations are facilities that are user defined where orders can be submitted. For example, Westside Hospital Lab might be a destination. It is a place to send orders (i.e. tests, labs, studies, procedures, equipment, etc.) to be processed.

  1. Click Documents.
  2. Select Order Entry.
  3. Click Destinations.

Destination Manager

Destination Manager
  1. Click the Edit button, to edit the information for a Destination.
  2. Click the Add a new Destination (green +) button, to enter information for a new destination.
  3. Click the Remove a Destination (red x) button, to remove a destination from your list.

Destination Demographics

Destination Demographics

After clicking to add a destination, enter the demographic information for the new destination, and click Save.

Select a Document Design to Print/Fax from Order Manager

Select a Document Design to Print/Fax from Order Manager

An order design will need to be downloaded within the Document Designer and selected when faxing and printing.

To display the Document Designer, go to Tools > Document Designer.

In Document Designer:

  1. Go to the File > Available Designs.
  2. In the Find field, type orders, the click the Search (magnifying glass) button. Preview a design by clicking on name of design to highlight, then click OK.
  3. If the triangle next to the design is facing down, the design will need to be downloaded before previewing. Click on the blue facing down arrow to download.

*Note:  Make sure to have the box next to Include Cloud Library Items checked prior to running your search for order designs.

Design Properties

Design Properties

With the order design displayed in the window, click on the Edit menu item, then select Design Properties from the drop down.

Design Types
  1. In the Document Design Properties window, click on the Design Types tab.
  2. Click the radio button next to Order Design, and click OK. This will save the selected design to the Order Manager.