Assessment Entry

Favorites List

Location Pick List

Instead of selecting an item from a pre-built pick list, the Assessment field presents an opportunity to utilize a "favorites list".  This list works by giving the user choices in Quick Access when the user clicks inside the Assessment field. The choices shown in Quick Access will be dependent on the Chief Complaint entered, as well as the items the user has used previously in the Assessment field and items in this patient's Active Problems list from the Summary.

To choose one of these options, simply double-click on the assessment in SMARText Quick Access and it will insert into the assessment field of the active SOAP Note.

F11 Pick List

F11 Pick List

To use the F11 Pick List:

  1. Click in the Assessment field, type a keyword and press F11 to search local items (or Shift+F11, which searches the cloud library, as well as local items to return more choices).
  2. This presents a pop-up pick list below the keyword.

The user can scroll up and down on the list and double-click any item to select it and insert it into the field.

It is also possible to search by ICD-10 code if it is known. To narrow search results, type a word in the Find box at the bottom and hit enter or click the Search (magnifying glass) button. This will filter the search by the word the user typed, returning fewer choices.

Pick List Selection

Pick List Selection

When selecting a SMARText Assessment item, SOAPware will also insert the ICD code as well as several behind the scenes codes, making reporting and searching data much easier.