Beginning the Set-up Process

Activate Licenses

Clinic provider licenses are normally activated during the installation process.  If this is not the case, please consult the SOAPware Installation Guide for instructions.

ePrescribing Requirements

Effective April 28th, 2016, Surescripts now requires that all newly registered Surescripts providers must complete an identity proofing process (IDP) before being granted access to submit ePrescriptions.

ePrescribing also requires entry of a DEA number and a NPI number for each provider. This is stored in Provider Manager.

*Note: A Nurse Practitioner without a DEA number must enter their NPI number.

Contact Sales for IDP Set Up

To begin the required identity proofing process (IDP) contact the SOAPware Sales Department by calling (800) 455-7627 ext.1 or emailing [email protected].  

The following link provides instructions for completing the Identity Proofing for ePrescribing.  

Tools - Provider Manager

Tools - Provider Manager

To enter NPI and DEA numbers, click Tools in the menu bar and select Provider Manager.

Update Provider Information

Update Provider Information
  1. Enter in the provider(s) information (including DEA and NPI numbers).
  2. Click Update.

Surescripts Registration

Once the IDP is complete, SOAPware Support will register the provider(s) with the SureScripts network and the user will receive an email confirmation with registration information within 1-2 business days.

SOAPwareXchange (additional enhancement)

SOAPwareXchange is an enhancement that integrates SOAPware with other systems. Most often, this is a billing or PMS system. SOAPwareXchange only needs to run on one computer in the office.

If users have X-Link or Link Runner, SOAPwareXchange needs to run on the same computer as these. This also needs to be running at all times in order for data to transfer across SOAPware and another system. Someone in the office should be designated to ensure this is open and running each day.

SOAPwareXchange HL7 (additional enhancement)

SOAPwareXchange HL7 (additional enhancement)

SOAPwareXchangeHL7 is an HL7 interface between SOAPware and most commonly a lab company. It allows for downloading of lab results directly into SOAPware for review & comparison.  Some of the most popular labs are as follows:  Labcorp, Quest, Spectrum, Bio-reference, 4medica, etc.

This program also needs to be installed on one computer, and can be any computer in the office. Lab companies typically designate one of the user's computers  to receive the files. SOAPwareXchangeHL7 is usually installed on the same computer. This program also needs to be open constantly in order for it to import labs into SOAPware. Someone at the office should be assigned to ensure the program is open each day and to take care of Unmatched Patients.

Scanning and Document Management (Standard & Professional Versions)

SOAPware allows the user to scan directly into patient charts. Any scanner a user purchases, MUST have TWAIN drivers to be able to work with SOAPware. If the user already owns a scanner, contact the scanner manufacturer to be sure the model has TWAIN drivers. Brother scanners should not be purchased for use with SOAPware because of the problems that these scanners often have with SOAPware. HP's, Fujitsu's and Canon's all usually work well with SOAPware.

Keep in mind that user scanner preferences when scanning, will determine the size of the image stored in the SOAPware database. It will give a user options for Black and White, Grayscale or Color. Color takes the most memory, then grayscale, then black and white using the least amount of memory. Unless the user needs color, use black and white to refrain from using unnecessary amounts of space in the database. DPI or Resolution is another component of scanning that will affect the image size in the database. 150 or 200 DPI is normally recommended. The higher the DPI or resolution, the higher quality image it will be, but it will also take up more space in the database. Testing should be done to find a happy medium to find a low DPI, but one that still creates an acceptable quality of the image/document.

Welch-Allyn Vital Integration (Professional Version Only)

This integration only works with the Welch-Allyn Vitals device.  Make sure the Welch-Allyn device is attached to the computer, then open a chart and go to Vital Signs (Chart > Sections > Vital Signs). When the user has taken the reading on the device, in the Vital Signs section of SOAPware, Click the Take Vitals button on the far right of the Vitals toolbar. This should be active when the user has the Welch-Allyn device connected. If the button is grayed-out, then it does not detect the Welch-Allyn device.

myHEALTHware Faxing (additional enhancement)

myHEALTHware Faxing (additional enhancement)

SOAPware now offers an integrated faxing solution with myHEALTHware Fax.

Inbound Faxing

  • Receive faxes electronically and securely into a central inbox where staff can efficiently manage received faxes.
  • Annotate, reorder, and import all, or only the selected pages you want, into SOAPware charts through a simple download and drag and drop interface.
  • Securely access faxes, messages, and saved documents from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Annotate and fax completed documents back out to senders.
  • Quickly assign fax numbers to existing contacts or create new contacts from received faxes.

Outbound Faxing

  • Send faxes electronically with or without a cover page and receive automatic fax delivery notifications.
  • Annotate and redact sensitive information prior to sending out faxes.
  • Send to multiple recipients at the same time.
  • Store reusable forms in the secure myHEALTHware Drive to quickly fax out as needed.

Easy Transition

  • Port your existing Updox or non-Updox fax number to begin receiving faxes into myHEALTHware electronically.
  • Save Money by eliminating paper, ink, toner, and fax machine costs, plus add time back to your staff’s day by eliminating unnecessary scanning.
  • Add unlimited staff users to manage and send faxes.
  • Month to month service that can be cancelled at any time.

To learn more about myHEALTHware fax, please visit:  If you need assistance signing up for myHEALTHware fax, please contact our trainers at [email protected] or visit our myHEALTHware Faxing documentaiton.

myHEALTHware ePay (additional enhancement)

myHEALTHware ePay allows your clinic to receive online payments from your patients 24/7 using the easy to use online payment feature built into myHEALTHware.  Patients can make a payment to the clinic by signing in to their myHEALTHware account or by accessing your customized URL to make a payment as a guest.  This means that the patient does not need to sign in or have a myHEALTHware account in order to make a payment to your clinic.

For more information about myHEALTHware ePay, please visit You can also view our documentation and videos of ePay at: myHEALTHware ePay.

Dragon Naturally Speaking (additional product)

Dragon Naturally Speaking must be installed in order to use it with SOAPware. SOAPware, Inc. does not provide Dragon Naturally Speaking, but it does allow the user to use Dragon Naturally Speaking with SOAPware. Open Dragon Naturally Speaking first, then open SOAPware. Once SOAPware is open, go to a desired chart section then speak to type.  This action will  enable the mic/recording on the Dragon toolbar.

*Note:  SOAPware is only compatible with Dragon Medical Version 10.  SOAPware is NOT compatible with Dragon Medical 360 or Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 or above.