Register an Additional Token for EPCS

You must register an additional token under the following circumstances:

  • If your hard token is replaced for any reason
  • If you upgrade the mobile device that contains your soft token application

Log In to the EPCS Gold Prescriber Dashboard

Log In to the EPCS Gold Prescriber Dashboard

To log in to the EPCS Gold Prescriber Dashboard, go to

To sign in, enter your NPI and Passphrase, then click Next.

Using the drop-down menu, select your current token and enter the security code/OTP that is currently displayed on your token.  Click Submit to log in.

Add a New Token Device

Add a New Token Device

To add a new token device, click on the Tokens tab.

Click the Add New Token button.

Enter the information from the new token that you wish to add/register, including:

  • Token Manufacturer: select SYMANTEC.
  • Token Issuer: select DRFIRST.
  • Token Type: select either OTP HARD TOKEN (key fob) or OTP SOFT TOKEN (application on smart phone or tablet).
  • Token Name: enter a name for the token to help you remember which device this is.
  • S/N or Credential ID: enter the credential ID from the token.  If you are registering a hard token, this ID will be located on the back of the device labeled S/N: ############.
  • Enter the 6-digit OTP/security code that is currently being displayed on the device.  
  • Click Save to register your token.