Submitting a New EPCS Rx

This lesson will detail the set up process for submitting a new EPCS Rx.  In addition, this lesson will cover the steps necessary to submit a new EPCS medication for a patient. *Note: Each provider must have an EPCS license and must have completed the registration and onboarding process prior to gaining the functionality to submit a new EPCS Rx.


Validate Provider Manager Data

Validate Provider Manager Data

In order to complete the registration process, the provider must confirm all data within Provider Manager is correct, including the providers name, address, contact information, and physician numbers.  A new field has been added for providers who utilize a NADEAN number (Narcotics Addiction DEA Number).  Enter the NADEAN number into the associated box and then click the Update button to save your changes.

Set Up Rx Transmission

Set Up Rx Transmission

Each provider who has a license to use EPCS will need to set their default Rx Transmission options for scheduled medications.  The licensed provider should log in to SOAPware and click on Tools > Options, then follow the steps below to set the Rx Transmission options:

  1. Select Structured Rx.
  2. Select the Rx Transmission tab.
  3. Using the drop-down menus, select eRx as the default option for Schedule II - V medications.
  4. Click Close to save your changes.

Submit a New EPCS Medication

Follow the steps below to submit a new EPCS medication.

Medication Entry

Medication Entry

Create a new SOAPnote and enter the medication into the SOAPnote Medications field using a SMARText Rx item. Complete the strength, SIG, dispense, substitutions, and refills for the medication.

Press F8 to open Rx Manager (or click Documents > Rx Manager).

Select Pharmacy

Select the pharmacy that the controlled medication should be sent to.  To electronically submit a medication, you must select an EPCS enabled pharmacy.  To search for pharmacies in your area that will accept EPCS click here.  

If the pharmacy you have selected is not EPCS enabled, you will see the following message: "C## - To electronically submit this medication, please select an EPCS enabled pharmacy." If the selected pharmacy is not EPCS enabled, clicking the submit button will allow the provider to print the medication for the patient.

If the pharmacy you have selected is EPCS enabled, you will see the following message: "C## - Click Submit to electronically prescribe this medication to the selected pharmacy.".  Clicking the Submit button will launch the Controlled Substance Prescription Signing Screen.  Follow the steps below to submit the medication.

Controlled Substance Prescription Signing Screen

  1. Place a check mark in the box next to the controlled medication that you wish to prescribe.
  2. Using the drop-down menu, select the hard or soft token device that you will be using to complete the two factor authentication protocol.

Enter Passphrase and OTP Token

To complete the two factor authentication that is required for submitting an EPCS medication:

  1. Enter your signing passphrase that was created during your registration and onboarding process.
  2. Enter the pin from your OTP token.
  3. Click the Sign and Send button.

Controlled Medication Successfully e-Prescribed

After clicking Sign and Send, the system will process the EPCS and will return the user to Rx Manager. Click Merge to update the patients Summary Medications or click Close to ignore.

The status of the submitted medication will be updated in Rx Manager.