Prescriber Authentication Report

For further information on the Ohio Prescribing Requirements, please contact the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, or refer to the following Ohio Administrative Codes: OAC 4729-5-01(N) and OAC 4729-5-30.

Print the Prescriber Authentication Report

The Prescriber Authentication Report provides a list of all medications that were printed, e-faxed, ePrescribed, or that were given as samples.  The first time this report is printed, it will account for all prescriptions given through Rx Manager since the update to SOAPware 2012.0.8xxx.  Each subsequent report will list all prescriptions since the last report was printed.  SOAPware recommends printing this report on a daily basis, so if the user follows this recommendation, each report will have a time frame from one business day to the next.  

  1. Click View > Reporting > Prescriber Authentication.
  2. A user may select one provider's report to print, or select all to print a separate report for each provider at the same time.
  3. Choose the printer where the report will be printed.
  4. Click Print.
  • Header:  Every page of the authentication report will include the provider's name and the date range of the report.  *Note : Each time this report is generated, it will list all prescriptions sent since the last prescriber authentication report was printed for that provider.
  • Patient:  The first column lists all the patients who received prescriptions during the date range.
  • Prescription:  The second column lists all medications that were prescribed during the date range.
  • Type:  The third column displays if each medication is controlled or not.
  • Status:  This column displays how each prescription was sent.  In the example above, all were printed, but the other statuses that will display are Faxed, eRx Sent, and Sample Given.
  • Refills:  This column shows the number of refills that were sent with the original prescription.
  • User:  This column shows the name of the user who actually submitted the prescription in SOAPware.
  • Notes:  This column will display any notes that were sent to the pharmacy for each medication.

Signing the Report

Signing the Report

Each page of this report includes an area that must be signed by the Provider to meet the requirements of the Ohio State Board.

Reprint the Report

If these reports ever need to be reprinted, a user may do so from SOAPware's Audit Log.

  1. Go to SOAPware > Security Manager, and select the date range of the reports to reprint.
  2. Under the Section header, start typing "Authentication," and the appropriate section name will populate that field.
  3. Click Search.
  1. Click to highlight the report to be reprinted.
  2. Select the appropriate printer to send the report.
  3. Click Print.