Removal of Pulled Charts and Close Option

The Pulled Charts list is no longer a feature within SOAPware.  The following features can be used instead:

  • Task List: The Task List should be used to track all documents that are created in patient records.  This can be used to notify the clinician that a patient has arrived.  In addition, this can be used to track documents that need to be reviewed or signed off. You can also open a patients chart from the task list by double clicking on the task.  For more information on using the task list, please see: Introduction to Task Manager.
  • Chart Rack: The Chart Rack should be used to open patient charts. For more information on using the chart rack, please see: Chart Rack - Opening Patient Charts.
  • Unsigned Documents Report: The Unsigned Documents report will provide the user with a list of all documents that remain unsigned in the database.  For information on using the unsigned documents report, see: Unsigned Documents Report.

Choosing to Close charts in the past would leave them in the pulled charts window.  Therefore, the option to Close has also been removed and users should choose the Re-file option instead.  This command is located on the Chart menu and on the common toolbar.