CQMsolution and Removal of Quality Reporting Dashboard

The CMS Quality Reporting Dashboard was only able to report quality measure based on criteria from 2013.  As these reports have been obsolete for some time this dashboard has now been removed from SOAPware.

SOAPware has now integrated with a new CQM calculation engine developed by Dynamic Health called the CQMsolution.  This will provide measurement calculations based on the most up to date criteria.

For more information or to obtain a license for the CQMsolution, please contact our sales team at 800-455-7627 option 1 or at sales@soapware.com.


CQM License

Users will be required to purchase a license to use the CQMsolution.  The following fields have been added to the Misc tab in Provider manager to collect the required data:

  • Tax ID number
  • CMS certification ID number
  • PQRS submission type

For instructions on using the CQMsolution see the following link in our online resource center:  CQMsolution