Retiring Pulled Charts Update

Pulled Charts Update

The Pulled Charts list will be removed from SOAPware in the next release - 7.0.17.  At this time, it is very important that you begin modifying your workflow away from using the Pulled Charts list and towards using the following functionality to replace it:

  • Task List: The Task List should be used to track all documents that are created in patient records.  This can be used to notify the clinician that a patient has arrived.  In addition, this can be used to track documents that need to be reviewed or signed off. You can also open a patients chart from the task list by double clicking on the task.  For more information on using the task list, please see: Introduction to Task Manager.
  • Chart Rack: The Chart Rack should be used to open patient charts. For more information on using the chart rack, please see: Chart Rack - Opening Patient Charts.
  • Unsigned Documents Report: The Unsigned Documents report will provide the user with a list of all documents that remain unsigned in the database.  For information on using the unsigned documents report, see: Unsigned Documents Report.
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