On Hold

Select Claim on Hold

Select Claim on Hold

After the Scrubbing Process, Claims that have error(s) will be placed in the On Hold section of the Claims Manager where they can be edited and then Scrubbed again for any further errors prior to Submitting to the Payer. This example lists three claims that are missing diagnosis codes.

1. Double click on the first claim to open the Claim Details in Patient Account.

Edit Claim

The Claim Details section allows access to all details of the claim in error to correct and Rebuild the claim before repeat the Scrubbing process. Note the Claim number in the screenshot is 257. A number is assigned to each claim as the claim is created for identification. That number can be found in the Claim ID column in the Claims Manager. Editing can be done by Clicking on the More Info button for claim information or by Double Clicking on the line of the Charge for charge/line item corrections.

2. Double Click on the charge to access Charge Details

Charge Details

Charge Details

The Charge Details dialog allows for editing most charge related errors. Fields can be edited by clicking on the drop down arrows or Clicking the buttons.

3. Edit Procedure codes, dates of service, units or charges.

4. To add a Diagnosis code, Click the Add Code button.

5. Delete/Add Modifiers

6. Click on tabs to enter additional charge information

7.  Add misc. details

8. After making changes, click Save

More Info

Tabs included in the More Info dialog allow for entering many specialty specific required items. For details, please see More Visit Information


Rebuild Claims

Rebuild Claims

After closing out of the Claims Tab, the Claims Manager will open. Repeat steps 5-8, or those steps applicable to the errors, until all claims you wish to correct/edit are completed.

9. Click to Select one or more corrected claim(s)

10. Click the Rebuild button. The claim(s) are moved to the Pending Scrub section to Scrub after corrections.