Post a Superbill/Billing Statement from Patient Chart

Post a Superbill/Billing Statement from Chart

  1. An encounter/visit should already be documented in the SOAP note section of the Patient Chart. The date of service will default to the encounter date unless you change the date in the sub-items in the Structured Plan item.
  2. Structured SMARText items must be used in the Plan and Assessment fields as shown in the screenshot.
  3. Click to view Billing Statement.
  4. Click the Post Superbill icon.
  5. Message will verify the superbill was successfully posted. Click OK.

Open Patient Account in Billing using Task Manager

Open Patient Account in Billing using Task Manager

If a user has been assigned as the Superbill Task User  (Step 5) in Provider Manager, that user can access the list of Posted Superbills in the Task Manager to complete the billing work flow.

Go to SOAPware in the main menu and click on Tasks to open the Task Manager.

  1. Use the drop down option to select user.
  2. Use the drop down option to Show Assigned Tasks.
  3. Double Click on Patient name to open the patient account.

You can also open the patient account from the chart rack. See next step.

Open Patient Account in Billing using Chart Rack

Open Patient Account in Billing using Chart Rack

Go to the Billing menu, then click Patient Account

  1. Search Chart Rack for Patient Account. This example shows search by Name. Begin Typing patient last name until the patient is visible in the list of patients.
  2. Click to highlight Patient from the Chart Rack list and then Click Select. Patient account will open.

View Posted charges in New Charges Tab

Patient account will open to the New Charges Tab when a Superbill has been posted to Billing. The upper section displays Patient demographic details and Personal/Family account balances.

The Center section lists Visit details as documented in the SOAP note section of the patient chart. Charges are added for the Procedure Codes and can be edited by Double Clicking on the line of the charge as described in the Edit/Update Charges lesson. Payments, Adjustments and Additional Charges can be added manually, as needed.

The bottom section allows the user to:

  1. Verify Insurance policy information for patient  
  2. Set follow up action for the claim. If insurance information is entered in the Patient Demographics, this will default to Submit to Insurance.
  3. Select Routing for claim-Paper or Electronic. This will default to option selected in the Insurance Company setup for the selected insurance.
  4. Check as Incomplete, allowing the user to close out of the account and come back later to finish the check out process.
  5. Print a Receipt when the visit is posted to the ledger.
  6. Displays Doctor Comments typed in Billing Statement Tab.
  7. Type free text Comments pertaining to the claim (informational only)
  8. Add personal Payment to account
  9. Post transactions to Patients Ledger