3. Provider Manager (Blocks 24J and 31)

Tools -> Provider Manager

Enter/edit Rendering Provider information, Link Provider to a Group. The Misc. tab will indicate to Payers that the Selected Group is the Billing/Pay To Provider

1. Click to highlight and Select a Provider from the list. Providers should have been added when SOAPware was initially installed and licenses were activated.

2. Enter the Provider's demographic information, including DEA, NPI and Taxonomy numbers.

3. Click the Misc Tab to link Provider to a specific Group.


4. Group: Click the drop down arrow to display a list of available Groups. Select the appropriate Group to associate to the Provider.

5. Superbill Task User*: The user selected in this drop down box will be the default user assigned tasks from the selected physician when superbills are posted.

6. Checking this check box will allow a task to be auto-created and automatically assigned (to the user selected in step 5 above) every time a superbill is posted, without requiring the physician to manually click to add the task each time.

*Until a specific user is selected in this drop down box, the physician will be listed as the default user for the task created when a superbill is posted.  If a group of staff members within the clinic process superbills, post charges and create claims for each provider, and there is not one designated person who does this for a specific provider, a generic user can be set up under Security to which to assign these tasks. Staff members needing to see the newly posted superbills can then simply pull up the task list for the generic user created.

Signature Tab (Block 31)

Signature Tab (Block 31)

The clinician's signature will need to be captured via a signature capture device, scanning in a hand written signature as a picture, or even using Microsoft Paint. Save the signature in a picture format.

1. Click the Signature tab to insert a signature for the Provider

2. Click the Select Image button to capture the image. Find the location of the stored signature image and Click on the image. Click Open.

3. The signature will appear within the box provided to preview. If the image needs to be increased in size, click the + button to zoom in. If the image needs to be made smaller, click the - sign to zoom out. When first displayed, the image will default to 100% of its actual size.

4. Click Update to save signature.