IP Addresses and domains used by SOAPware

SOAPware uses several domains to go out and send ERXs, faxes, register your license, etc. Sometimes firewalls or proxy servers require allowing access to these domains for SOAPware to function normally.

Firewall Exceptions needed

Firewall exceptions can be made on a single entry  ( or all web services can be cleared one by one limited to port numbers.

IP’s for all Web services used by the application itself will be on – ( port 80 and 443.  

IP’s for all possible services would be -   (

Single firewall exceptions

If single entries are needed see below list (current as of 12.4.2015).  

#Electronic Prescriptions ss2.mysoapware.com.com Port 443

#RxHub rxhubpro.mysoapware.com Port 443

#Web site www.soapware.com Port 80 and 443

#Faxing service fax.mysoapware.com Port 443

#Customizations Library Lib.mysoapware.com Port 80 and 443

# Drug Interactions swwebservice4.com Port 80 and 443

# Clinical Knowledge proxy.mysoapware.com Port 80 and 443

#Licensing Server and Bug Reporting Port 80 and 443 lic.mysoapware.com

#Error reporting (FogBugz) Port 80 and 443 swwebservice2.com

#Bug Reports (HelpDesk) Port 80 and 443 helpdesk.mysoapware.com

#Swoogle (index for soap) Port 80 swoogle.mysoapware.com

#Clinical Quality Measures cqm.mysoapware.com Port 80 and 443

#Quest cert.hub.care360.com Port 80 and 443

#Updates updates.mysoapware.com Port 80 and 443

#PHQueue phqueue.mysoapware.com Port 80 and 443


myheatlhware.com Port 80 and 443

#Billing billing.mysoapware.com Port 80 and 443

#PH/CQMs ph.soapware.com Port 80 and 443

#ScreenSteps (Help Documentation)

soapware.screenstepslive.com Port 80

#PDR (Physician's Desk Reference)

scriptguide-stl.ldmgrp.com Port 80 and 443

#DrFirst (EPCS)

ws.epcsdrfirst.com Port 80 and 443

ui.epcsdrfirst.com Port 80 and 443

#SOAPware SFTP Port 22