Soapware CONNECTION FAILURE error upon login

Having problems with soapware opening just on ONE machine during login where as soon as you login it gives you an error stating, "DetailMessage= 'CONNECTION FAILURE'". In these cases it is usually a problem with a firewall setting most usually on that particular machine. If you are getting this error on most of the computers in your office then it is probably a different issue than this.

As soon as you login to SOAPware on this machine it quickly throws an error featured in the image below.

1) In most cases, this error is due to some type of firewall being set on the machine where you are experiencing the problem. What we'll need to do is go in and either turn off the firewall settings or add the soapware port to be allowed through the firewall.

Navigating To Windows Firewall

There are multiple ways of getting into the windows firewall in order to configure it

1) Go under Start>Control Panel>Windows Firewall. It will then bring you to this screen

2) Go under Start>Run and type in firewall.cpl, then hit enter and it will bring you to the same dialog box

(Note that if you're on Windows Vista  you may have to click 'Change Settings' first when using the first step before it brings you to this same screen.)

Configuring Windows Firewall

Configuring Windows Firewall

This Step is only required if the windows firewall is turned 'ON' from under the General tab.

Under the 'Exceptions' tab we will just want to add the TCP port that soapware runs on so that it can bypass the firewall.

1) From this screen we will want to hit "Add Port"

2) This will bring us to a screen that asks for a description and the port number. Any name for description will suffice (We usually use Soapware for description). The Port number by default is set to 5432 unless otherwise specified during the installation of the database.

3) We'll want to make sure that TCP is checked as opposed to UDP and then hit Okay

Other Firewalls That Could Be Causing the Problem

Other Firewalls That Could Be Causing the Problem

Other firewalls and things that we have seen that stop soapware from connecting include McAfee, Norton, and sometimes other anti-virus programs that include firewalls of their own. To get around this you can either turn off the firewall or we can add that same TCP port (5432) under the settings of the firewall. Settings differ depending on the anti-virus program that you're using.

If there are no firewalls turned on and you are still experiencing the same problem, please give support a call at 1-800-455-7627 extension 3 or you can email them at [email protected].