Welch Allyn Vitals

Welch Allyn Vitals device integration

Welch Allyn Vitals device integration

SOAPware 2012.0.3061* supports integration with several Welch Allyn Vitals devices that will allow you to import certain vitals directly into SOAPware. The compatible devices are:

  • Spot LXi
  • Spot 420 Series**
  • VSM 300 Series**

*The integration currently does not work in a hosted environment. SCS clients will have to manually input the vitals.

**Additional connectors/parts may be required to interface with your local PC. Contact your local distributor for more information.

You will notice in the Vital Signs section of SOAPware there is a button that will allow you to input from a Welch Allyn device.

If you click the button and do not have a compatible Welch Allyn vitals device or do not have it plugged in, you will see the message above. There is also a link to the Welch Allyn website that lists the compatible devices with SOAPware.

For the Welch Allyn Spot 420 series and VSM 300 series an additional connector, the Keyspan USB to serial adapter, may be required before vitals will import into SOAPware depending on the office/PC configuration. If the Keyspan adapter is used, it must be set to use COM port 1. This may require additional configuration of the PC and/or Keyspan software.

For more information on installing the Keyspan adapter, visit the Welch Allyn knowledge base article.

After you have taken the patients vitals with a compatible device, ensured it is connected to the PC where SOAPware is running, and clicked the button to "Input from Welch Allyn", the vitals are populated in the correct fields in SOAPware.