New Integration Requests

New Integration Requests

SOAPware recognizes the value of building integrations with other software, hardware, and services. We also understand that by forming partnerships with other HIT companies, together we can provide a wider range of solutions for varying practice environments.

To that end, we are working toward providing the ability to build such integrations with SOAPware product offerings through a central SOAPware API, or Application Programming Interface. This will allow outside entities and developers to potentially create integrations between their products/services and the SOAPware Clinical Suite. If you have interest in obtaining access to the SOAPware API once it is made public, please email [email protected].



Direct Database Access

We understand that sometimes outside entities wish to access a clients database directly, either to query for information or to write to the database. And while SOAPware's policy is to not restrict our users to the data that they own completely, we do not support or recommend this scenario. Below is SOAPware Inc.'s official stance on allowing any outside entity to access the SOAPware database.

SOAPware, Inc. does not recommend, promote, or support direct database access for client personnel or third-party entities contracted with the client. SOAPware, Inc. bears no liability for any issues that may arise from direct database access by a client or third-party entities contracted by the client, nor will SOAPware, Inc. be obligated to provide validation services or backwards compatibility support unless contracted to do so at an additional charge. It is the responsibility of the client’s database administrator to issue the credentials required to query the database. Accessing the SOAPware database for any reason not prescribed by SOAPware, Inc. may result in an SOAPware Supports inability to offer assistance and void any existing support contract per the agreed upon terms.