Auto-start for SOAPwareXchange via Command Line

The SOAPwareXchange can now be invoked from the command line.  Place the script in a Batch file & setup a scheduled task to run at startup (etc), create a logon script, or place in the Start up Folder.

With this functionality, the Xchange can be scripted to start automatically after a reboot.



For SOAPwareXchange:  

Command format:

SOAPwareXchange.exe -ID soapware -PW soapware -Server localhost -Port 5432 -Drive C -Path

"Program Files\SOAPware\SOAPwareXchange\SOAPwareXchange.exe" -Interval 5 -Listen 0



NOTE: The quotes around the path are necessary due to the space in Program Files.


ID - user ID for logging into SOAPware

PW - password for logging into SOAPware

Server - db server

Port - db port number

Drive - the drive of the location to scan for incoming results

Path - the path to the location to scan for incoming results, minus the drive  letter