Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances with SOAPware

Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances with SOAPware

SOAPware is pleased to announce that we are now offering e-prescribing for controlled substance (EPCS) to all eligible providers.

Our EPCS system is:

  • Fully integrated with SOAPware and meets the requirements of New York state I-STOP regulations.
  • Enhanced sign up process with streamlined identity verification.
  • Minimal changes to your existing workflow.  

If you are interested in signing up or learning more about SOAPware's EPCS feature, please contact us at 800-455-7627 option 1 or visit our website at www.soapware.com.

Submitting a New EPCS Rx

Submitting a new controlled medication Rx utilizes the same workflow in SOAPware.  The provider simply enters the medication into the SOAPnote Medications field and opens Rx Manager to submit the prescription to the pharmacy.  For detailed instructions on submitting a new controlled medication electronically, please see: Submitting a New EPCS Rx.

After submitting the prescription from Rx Manager, a new window will open that requires the provider to authorize the controlled substance prescription.  From this screen, the provider will select the medication to authorize and enter their passphrase and OTP token that is created during the EPCS registration process.

Each EPCS registered provider will have access to a device that will generate a OTP token or security code.  A randomly generated 6-digit code will be entered each time the provider ePrescribes a controlled medication.  The provider can utilize either a hard token (fob device) or soft token (smart phone or tablet application) to generate the 6-digit OTP token.

Responding to EPCS Refill Requests

EPCS registered providers will also have the capability to electronically respond to refill requests for controlled medications direct in SOAPware utilizing the same refill requests workflow.  After clicking to Send the refill request response, the provider will be required to authorize the controlled prescription using the same worklfow as described above. For detailed instructions on how to respond to a controlled medication electronically, please see: Responding to EPCS Refill Requests.

EPCS Registration and Onboarding

EPCS Registration and Onboarding

In order to ePrescribe controlled substances, each provider must have a license for SOAPware EPCS and must complete the registration and onboarding process.  For detailed instructions on the registration and onboarding process, please see: EPCS Onboarding Process.