CloudSync for Clinical Quality Measure Calculations

What is CloudSync?

SOAPware CloudSync is a new utility that transfers a QRDA I data file of a patient's chart from SOAPware to SOAPware's Clinical Quality Measure calculation engine, in order for users to obtain the CQM statistics.

Ensure Patients have a Primary Provider Selected

Ensure Patients have a Primary Provider Selected

Patients must have a Primary Provider selected within their Demographics chart section in order to be included in the CQM statistics.  Upon installation of this update, SOAPware will attempt to select a primary provider (based on several rules) for all patient;s charts who have a blank Primary Provider.  The patient's Primary Provider may not be updated if the patient has never had a SOAP note.  We suggest that clinic staff should check the patient's demographics section upon seeing a patient during the Meaningful Use reporting period.  If the Primary Provider box is blank, please select the appropriate primary provider for the patient.

When seeing a patient, if the patient does not have a Primary Provider selected, the user will see a warning displayed in the MU Patient Dashboard.

CQM Upload Schedule

CQM Upload Schedule

In order for CQM statistics to calculate, a QRDA I file must be uploaded to SOAPware's calculation engine for every patient that is seen during the reporting period.  The upload of this data will occur automatically on a weekly basis, based upon the schedule that is set in the CQM Upload Schedule section.  By default, data is scheduled to automatically upload every Friday at 10:00pm.  However, if you wish to change the schedule of your data upload, this can be edited within the Meaningful Use Dashboard (2014) under the Settings tab.

CQM Statistics Summary Report

To view the CQM statistics summary report:

  1. Click the Snapshots tab.  
  2. Next, select the date of the snapshot that you wish to view.
  3. Click on the CQM snapshot on the right hand side to view the results.

The CQM snapshot summary will display the resulting statistics for all of the recommended adult and pediatric core measures, as seen in the screenshot above.