Rx Manager Changes

The features listed below have been added to meet Surescripts 10.6 requirements and the Meaningful Use ONC 2014 Edition Test Scripts for 170.314(b)(3) Electronic Prescribing.

Several changes have been made to the Rx Manager in order to meet the new standards associates with Surescripts 10.6 and Meaningful Use 2014 requirements.  

These changes include:

  • The newly designed user interface for Rx Manager that includes patient and provider information panels, streamlined view for patient eligibility and formulary information and a redesigned Medication display.
  • Ability to select a pharmacy at the medication level.
  • Streamlined view for submission status.
  • New 'Date Written' field for medications.
  • New display for the medications schedule status on controlled substances.
  • Ability to select individual medications and submit them.

Rx Manager Interface

The Rx Manager interface has been redesigned.  For information on the new Rx Manager Interface, please see: New Rx Manager User Interface.

Rx Eligibility and Formulary Display

Rx Eligibility and Formulary Display

Rx Eligibility information will now be displayed to the right of the patient Allergies section.  In addition, the medication formulary information will be displayed to the right of each listed medication.  

The formulary information will include the formulary status, co-pay, drug type, and formulary details (click the drop-down menu to view therapeutic alternatives).  

Selecting Pharmacies at the Medication Level

The pharmacy can be selected for each individual medication.  Upon opening Rx Manager, the pharmacy for each medication will be defaulted to the patient's preferred pharmacy (or the pharmacy selected at the top of Rx Manager).  Using the pharmacy drop-down menu that is located in the medication information, the default pharmacy can be changed for the individual medication to allow the user to send each individual medication to a different pharmacy if desired.

Medication Submission Status

The submission status of the medication will display below the medication line item.  The following statuses will display:

  • Pending (Yellow): This status will display when the medication is still pending and has not yet been submitted by printing, faxing or ePrescribing.
  • eRx Sent/Printed/Faxed/Samples Given (Green): Once the medication has been submitted by either eRx, Printing, Faxing or Samples Given, the status will change to green indicating the medication has been submitted.

Viewing and Correcting Medication Errors

Submitting medications by ePrescription requires certain information to be completed prior to submission.  If any information is missing, an error will display for the medication.  To view errors, click the View Errors button and make the corrections prior to submitting.

Date Written for Medications

Date Written for Medications

Each medication now display a 'Date Written' for the medication.  This date will default to the current date, but can be changed by using the drop-down menu if desired.

Medication Schedule Status

The schedule status for the individual medication will display along the 'status' line located below the medication (as seen in the screenshot above).