Single Select Lists

This SMARText item type presents a display of SMARText items to which the user can only select one item to enter into the documentation. Please continue to read below for steps on how to create a single select list SMARText item type.

Step 1: SMARText Items Manager

Step 1: SMARText Items Manager

All SMARText item types are created in the SMARText Items Manager.

To open the SMARText Items Manager, Click on Docutainers > SMARText Items.  Or press F10 on the keyboard.

Step 2: Create Structured SMARText Items

To view a lesson on how to create structured SMARText items, Click here.

In the example given in the steps below, a user would create the structured items "Married" and "Single" in preparation for the single select list creation.

Step 3: SMARText Type Selection

Step 3: SMARText Type Selection
  1. Click on the green plus.
  2. Choose Custom and Click on the drop-down arrow.
  3. Click to expand the expander nodes (+) next to "Generic" and "Lists." Double-Click on Single-Sel List.
  4. Click Create.

Step 4: SMARText Designer - Part 1

Step 4: SMARText Designer - Part 1

Give the single select list an easy to remember shortcut, and a description.  Within keywords, remember to include a unique keyword for easy retrieval purposes.  Lastly, enter a display header which will display first in the documentation when the shortcut is entered and the spacebar is pressed.

Step 5: SMARText Designer - Part 2

  1. Drag the SMARText Designer to the right, and the SMARText Items Manger to the left of the screen.
  2. Within the SMARText Items Manager, search for the structured items for this single select list--in this example--we searched for married.  *Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all desired structured items are within the Item Settings box.
  3. Click to highlight the structured item, and drag and drop the item into the Item Settings box.  
  4. Click Save.

Step 6: Insert Single Select List

Step 6: Insert Single Select List
  1. Insert the shortcut into the desired field and press the spacebar.
  2. The display header will appear. Left-click on the display header.
  3. The structured item choices will be available within SMARText Quick Access to the right of the screen.  Select an item, and it will display in the documentation.

Since this item was created as a Single Select List, only one option will be able to be selected from the SMARText Quick Access window. If the user wishes to create a list where multiple items can be selected and inserted into the documentation, a Multi-Sel list will need to be created.  For instructions, please see: Creating SMARText Pick Lists.