SOAPware DocumentationPractice Management Training ManualsPM Exceptions and Solutions Most Common Exceptions and Possible SolutionsUnauthorizedAccessException HResult=-2147024891 (ClaimsManagementController.cs:GenerateElectronic:247)

UnauthorizedAccessException HResult=-2147024891 (ClaimsManagementController.cs:GenerateElectronic:247)

This exception can be seen in the Claims Manager when trying to upload a claim file and the Output Path is set to another PC file folder that is inaccessible to the user trying to export the file.

You might try:

Go to Tools->Billing Maintenance->Claims Options and set the Base Export Path to a folder that is accessible to whomever will be uploading claims. For example C:\Claims

If this doesn't resolve the issue and you are still getting the error, please submit a support ticket and a member of our support team will reach out to assist you as soon as possible.