The Mission of the SOAPware Cloud Solution (SCS)

The mission of SOAPware’s Cloud Service (SCS) is to replace your local IT department and consultant by providing all your computing needs with a cloud computing service.

Think about computing needs as a utility. You shouldn’t have to worry about how the water gets to your faucet; you don’t need to know about all the filtration systems, the pumps, the chemicals needed, the upkeep of the infrastructures of pipes, elevation grades and pressure differentials between the water treatment plant and your tap. What you do need and expect is to turn on the tap and receive clean, filtered, properly pressured water. When you turn on the light switch you don’t have to worry about generating your own electricity or how the power company safely delivers it to you at the correct voltage -- you just expect it to work.  We want you to have the same ease of use with your computing needs. You should not have to employ IT staff, or worry about hardware and software upgrades, backups, failover systems and high availability architecture systems. You should simply connect to your service and use it, and never have to worry about all the complicated technology that it takes to make for a smooth workflow.  

SCS offers a complete desktop replacement for you. No longer do you have to keep your workstations, servers, and software up-to-date -- we provide the entire desktop environment for you. Not only can we host SOAPware applications, but we can also host third party billing systems, office software suites, and almost any type of business application on our servers. We provide this with virtual servers that offer from 4 Gigabytes of memory to 16 Gigabytes. Data storage can be almost limitless. Our virtual servers utilize from 4 to 8 processor cores allowing for a multitude of applications to be run simultaneously without any performance degradation. We can keep your software updated at your request with our own highly trained IT staff, or by working with your third party vendors. In our environment, if hardware fails, your virtual server can be back up and running in hours rather than the days or weeks common to repair with traditional hardware. The connection to SCS is provided via two large, enterprise-class internet connections that maintain connectivity constantly, and security is assured with both physical and software security measures.

By utilizing Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection Client, you don’t have to learn a new operating system, as the familiar Windows desktop is utilized allowing for fast acclimation. Local resources like printers and local hard drives can be accessed reliably and securely within the Remote Desktop Client. The copying and pasting of text or files from your local device to the server is also available.  One of the greatest benefits is that your desktop looks the same no matter where you connect -- from the office, home or out on the road. Your server is always available to you with no regard as to your physical location. This can be reassuring to those in highly mobile environments, or areas with high risk to natural disasters.  Comfort can be found in knowing that no matter from where you are when you connect, your virtual desktop will always have the same look and feel.

We can even help you with local client network setup. This can include leasing of equipment and consultation for selection of the proper hardware to connect to the virtual server; however specialized equipment is not needed as 99% of all Windows Operating Systems in the workplace already have by default the Remote Desktop Client installed.

How can this be affordable? How can enterprise level service be offered at local network prices? It’s a matter of scaled economics. Let’s take that analogy of generating your own electricity: how expensive would it be to buy generators, fuel, transformers and special load balancing equipment to keep your facility running on clean reliable electrical power? A lot!  But the utility company does it on such a large scale that it can offer better quality and a consistency that would be unmanageable and unaffordable on an individual scale. The same principle of scaled economics holds true with our services. We purchase resources on a massive scale and allocate a portion of that to the virtual desktop, thus providing you with huge resources at a very reasonable price.

And because of the centrality and architecture of our system, the operational costs are minimized, providing the backbone for the affordability of the SOAPware Hosting Service.

It is our desire to remove both the cost and the technical barriers, so as to provide you with a service that’s dependable, reliable, and affordable.  We allow you to focus on what you do best, and not worry about unfamiliar technology.  

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