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Q: How does the SOAPware/Phreesia Interface work?

A: This lesson will provide the user with a brief description of the SOAPware-Phreesia interface, and its capabilities.

What is Phreesia?

What is Phreesia?

Phreesia, the patient check-in company, helps medical practices increase cash flow and save staff time. The solution, which checks in millions of patients every year, digitizes the check-in process by replacing the traditional patient clipboard and all paper forms with the wireless, touchscreen PhreesiaPad. Phreesia electronically collects and updates critical patient information, verifies insurance, and collects co-payments and balances during check-in. The solution also offers a number of flexible and convenient payment options for patients, including online payments and automated payment plans, further streamlining workflow for practices and helping them get paid in full and on time. Learn more at

How does the interface work?

How does the interface work?

Behind the scenes, Phreesia communicates with SOAPware via the SOAPwareXchange enhancement.

When the patient enters the office, they are given a PhreesiaPad to enter their data. When finished, the patient will hand the PhreesiaPad back to the front office staff. During this process,  a file is also sent to the SOAPwareXchange for importing into SOAPware via the network.

Where will the Patient Information entered on the PhreesiaPad be located in SOAPware?

Demographics are transferred to their respective chart section in SOAPware.   Demographics can also transfer from SOAPware back to Phreesia if enabled.

A new SOAPnote will automatically be created, and the clinical data the patient entered into the PhreesiaPad, will be found in the Subjective field. A task associated with this SOAPnote will also automatically be created and assigned to the appropriate provider.

If the patient does not already exist in SOAPware, his/her chart will automatically be created. If a patient does exist in SOAPware, then any updated information will be imported from the PhreesiaPad.