May 2016 - Maximize your SOAPware View

Maximize your SOAPware View using the Splitter Bars

Splitter Bars are the blue bars with arrows and dots in the center of them (see highlighted portion of image above). When clicked on, they will collapse or expand to display more information, buttons, document lists, etc. They are also designed where the user can click and drag them to re-size the window.

The above image shows all splitter bars in the "minimized" view.  This allows the user to have a larger view of the chart section they are working in, such as the Summary and SOAP Note.

Use F2 to Maximize a Chart Section

You can also maximize a chart section by selecting the chart section tab (ie: click the SOAP Note tab at the top of the screen), then pressing F2 on your keyboard.  This will allow the chart section to take up the entire screen, maximizing the users view.

When you are finished working in the maximized view, simply press F2 again to place the screen back in the original view.