Removing a Provider

This lesson will demonstrate how to deactivate a provider and remove them from SOAPware.  

The providers listed in provider manager are linked to the owners of documents and charts within SOAPware as well as the Security audits.  Providers in the provider manager are also set up with Surescripts for ePrescribing.   Therefore, if a provider needs to be removed from SOAPware, the following steps must be taken.

*Note: A user SHOULD NOT simply change the name of an inactive provider to the name of a new provider.  The old provider should be inactivated, then a new provider added.  If the name is changed on an existing provider, all previous document that were owned by that provider, all charts and all security audit logs will be changed to the new provider's name.  This is why it is important to follow the steps detailed below in order to deactivate a provider.  After deactivating the old provider, the user may use that license to add a newly hired provider to the SOAPware system.

Open Provider Administration

Open Provider Administration
  1. Open the Provider Manager ( Tools > Provider Manager)
  2. Click on the Green + to open the Provider Administration page.

Select Provider

Select Provider

Select the provider to be deactivated from the network.

Click the Deactivate button.

The provider now is listed as Inactive.

Download Providers

Download Providers

After a provider is deactivated the updated information will need to be downloaded into SOAPware.

  1. Ensure that all users are logged out of SOAPware.
  2. In Provider Manager, click the Blue downward facing arrow to download changes.

Provider Eight has been removed from the provider manager within SOAPware and you can now use the available license to add a new provider.

*Note: This will not remove the user ID that is automatically created when a provider is added to SOAPware.