Creating SMARText Medications

This lesson will explain how SMARText medications must be created so they are able to be ePrescribed.  

SMARText Medications

Medications items to be ePrescribed cannot be created by end users. These items contain coding in the background necessary for ePrescribing, drug interactions, and database searching. Medications for ePrescribing are created and maintained by SOAPware and Multum, the national drug database.  Medication items can, however be duplicated and customized in the users local database.  

Finding the Item

Items can be searched on the online library using the SMARText Items Manager or a Shift F11 search.  

Duplicating the Item in the SMARText Items Manager

Duplicating the Item in the SMARText Items Manager

Right-click over a green item and select Duplicate.

This will create a yellow item in the local database that is exactly the same as the green item.  The user may then edit the SMARText item.  

Editing the Item

Editing the Item

Highlight the newly created medication and click the Edit button.

Customized shortcuts and keywords can now be added.  The description and header should not be changed.  Click the Save button.

Duplicating the Item within the Chart

Duplicating the Item within the Chart

Medication items can also be edited and created in the patient's chart using a Shift F11 search.

  1. Enter a keyword and press Shift F11 on the keyboard.
  2. Highlight desired item that has a green arrow.  Items with green arrows are created by SOAPware and contain necessary background coding for ePrescribing.

Perform desired edits to item.  Edits made will display when the item is inserted into the patients chart.  It is advised that the user enter the most common way of prescribing the medication at this time.

Creating the SMARText Item

Creating the SMARText Item

To create the item:

  1. Right-click over the header (or name) of the medication.
  2. Select Manage SMARText Items.
  3. Select Create SMARText Item.

The item is now created exactly the way it is displayed within the chart.

  1. Shortcut, Description, and keywords will need to be added.
  2. Click the Save button.

Adding Drug Courses and Custom Sigs

Now that the custom item is created, drug courses and custom sigs may be entered.

Select link for more information on Drug Courses and Creating Custom Sigs.