The SOAPware Drawings section is designed to give an easy way of creating informational pictures, either for reference or to be given to a patient.

SOAPware comes with a large number of pre-made image templates that can be used as a starting point, or simply start with a blank document. Any of the existing templates may be edited or appended at any time.


Command buttons are located at the bottom of the Drawings window and have picture buttons that display helpful information when the mouse cursor hovers over them.

There is now a column that contains the name of the owner of the drawing.

Now documents have associated document demographics, accessible by clicking the top splitter bar of the chart section.

Also, by clicking the bottom splitter bar, the user can view a list of all drawings in the current chart.

Three Interface Areas

Three Interface Areas

The Drawing window features three main parts:

1. Document demographics, located above the anatomical image.

2. The Drawing window, where the anatomical image and the controls for editing and manipulating it are displayed.

3. The Document list, located below the anatomical image. Here the user will find controls for adding, removing, signing off, printing, and reassigning a drawing.

Adding New Drawings

Adding New Drawings

To add a new drawing, enter the drawings section of the patient chart:

1. Click the New Drawing (green +) button.

2. The Image Template dialog box will open. Here, the user will see a list of all available image templates for use in SOAPware. Select the image template to use by selecting it.

3. Click Ok. The new drawing will be created and placed into the chart for the user to edit and annotate as needed.

*Note: The list of drawing templates comes from the available Templates for drawings. To increase the number of drawings available, the user can download drawings from the cloud library, or the user can create his/her own drawing Template.

Remove Drawings

To remove a drawing from a patient chart, select the drawing to remove and Click the Remove Documents Button.

SOAPware will ask the user to confirm that he/she wishes to remove the document. If the user is certain he/she wishes to remove the document, Click Yes, and the drawing will be removed.