Scheduled Drug Routing

Tools > Options

Scheduled drug routing is set up by going to Tools > Options > Structured Rx > Rx Transmission tab.

The options on the Rx Transmission tab allow users to individually define how various, prescribed meds of differing schedules will be handled. If you are registered to submit prescriptions using the SOAPware EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) feature, then these settings will need to be set to eRx.  If you do not wish to submit controlled medications by ePrescription and are not registered for the EPCS features, then these settings will need to be set to Print.

Structured Rx-Rx Transmission

Structured Rx-Rx Transmission

Rx Transmission is the default settings for how prescriptions are submitted from Rx Manager. Upon installation of SOAPware the Default will be set to eRx.  Schedule II-V will be set to Print upon installation.  If you wish to sign up for SOAPware's EPCS feature, after completing the registration process, you will need to change the default setting to eRx for Schedule II-V medications.