Splitter Bars

Splitter Bars are blue bars with arrows and dots in the center of them.  When clicked on, they will collapse or expand to display more information, buttons, document lists, etc. They are also designed where the user can click on them to resize them.

Lower Splitter Bar

In the image above, we are looking at the lower splitter bar at the bottom of the Demographics chart section.  Notice that the arrows in the center of the splitter bar are pointed upwards. This is a visual indicator that when we left click on the splitter bar, the bar will move upwards, and will display hidden features. See image below.

Change Docutainer View

We are now able to change the Demographics view from "General" to "Insurance" or "Custom", and can even print out Demographics.  Notice that the arrows on the lower splitter bar are now pointed down.  This is a visual indicator that when we left click on the splitter bar, the bar will collapse back down.

Upper Splitter Bar

The above image displays an upper splitter bar in the SOAPnotes chart section.  Currently, we are able to view the date and time this encounter note was created.  If we left click once on the splitter bar, the splitter bar will move upwards and hide this information.  If we left click on the splitter bar and drag our mouse down, we will resize the area and be able to view more document/doctainer information on the encounter note.  View image below.

View/Hide Document Information

This image displays more document/docutainer information after the splitter bar was drug downwards and resized.  Notice that when a splitter bar is being resized, the bar will change from the color blue, to the color orange.

Vertical Splitter Bar

There are also vertical splitter bars.  These bars mainly respond to resizing.