Understanding the Chart Workspace

The Chart Workspace is the main chart interface for SOAPware. It is the interface for all of the data in a patients chart.


The chart view appears as an open file folder in the SOAPware window. In the lower right corner is the patients name and other identifying information. The data areas consist of document managers that the user can add, remove, or rearrange to meet a user's

particular needs.

The Document Managers currently available in the chart are listed as tabs across the top of the chart area. Examples are Demographics, Summary, SOAPnote, etc.

To add new document managers to the user's view, open Chart Navigator (Chart-Chart Navigator), select a manager from the list, then drag and drop that manager onto the manager tab list at the top of the chart. To remove a manager, click to select it, then click the X at the right end of its tab list. A user can rearrange the managers by clicking on the title tab and dragging it to another location. Managers can be dragged to another tab list, or to a new area in the chart view, thus creating a new tab group.

For information on the use of specific document managers, see the document manager section.

Lock/Unlock View

If users have created a view that he/she would like to lock, Click View > Lock Layout. This will prevent document sections and a user's  layout from being rearranged.

More on Layouts

Once the user has created and saved several layouts, the user can easily switch between them by Clicking View > Chart Layouts and selecting the saved layout from the list.