Create a Data Explorer Search for Lab Values

This lesson will explain how to create a Data Explorer search for lab values within a certain range.

*Note: The following steps are applicable to SOAPware 2011+, despite the difference of versions shown in the following screen shots.

Open the Data Explorer Workspace

Open the Data Explorer Workspace

Click on SOAPware from the file menu bar, and Select Data Explorer.  This will close the Chart workspace and open the Data Explorer workspace.

Creating a New Query

Creating a New Query

1. Click on the green plus to create a new blank query.

2. Name the new query.

1. Click on "Search Chart Sections."

In the SMARText Access a list of available chart sections will appear.

2. Uncheck the "All Chart Sections."

3 Select "Documents-Labs."

1. Click on "for Documents of type."

2. Click on the drop-down menu from SMARText Quick Access.

3. Select "Lab Document Search Values."

1. Click on "With the value of."

2. Enter the exact name of the test.

1. Select desired option.

   For this example we are selecting "Greater Than."

2. Enter exact value or range.

Save the Search

After search parameters have been set, Select the Save button.

Performing Search

To perform the search, Select the Search button at the bottom of the center section.

A progress box will appear, showing that SOAPware is performing the search.

When the search is complete, the search results will display in a search results box.  The option to print or save the results, will be available at this time.