Transferring Labs to the SOAP Note

When performing lab results or discussing lab results at the time of an encounter, many users wish to have a copy of the lab attached to the SOAPnote Document.  

To attach a copy of the Lab results to the SOAPnote, follow the steps detailed below.

Open the Lab

Open the Lab

Open the Lab chart section and display lab to be transferred to the SOAPnote.

Transfer the Lab to the Encounter

Transfer the Lab to the Encounter
  1. Right Click on the Lab icon for the desired lab result.
  2. Select "Send Copy to Encounter"

A new document is being added  and will need to be signed off.  An "Add Document Task" dialog box will appear.

Edit any details of the task as desired, then Click the Add button to create the task.

A PDF document with the lab results is now attached to the SOAPnote.

Because the Lab result is attached to the SOAPnote, the result may be printed or faxed with an Available Document Designs.