Manage Facilities

This section is designed to inform the user about all that is available in regards to setting up facilities. The user may not want to set up all of the sections related to the facilities ( that are discussed here), at this time. However, it is very important, to address these 3 areas:

  1. Facility Name,
  2. Provider/Resource Management section on Scheduler Tab, and
  3. Business Hours Management section on Scheduler Tab.

*Note: Facilities represent the places in which providers provide services including all Hospitals or Clinics at which the provider will be performing services.  Facilities will be used in several areas of SOAPware including the POS (Place Of Service) section of health claims to be filed with insurance, and in the Scheduler  (available in both SOAPware Standard and SOAPware Professional).



The Facility Manager provides the backbone to the overall set-up and workflow of the clinic(s) and provider(s). This will be the general name for the facility that will need to be easily recognizable by staff. The name entered here will also be the one that is displayed on Scheduler.

To begin, click Tools on the menu bar, and click the Manage Facilities menu item. In the Facility Manager dialog, to add a facility, click the Create New Facility button (with the green plus sign). The Facility dialog presents containing the Details and Scheduler  tabs.

1. Details Tab

1. Details Tab

This is the location of basic demographic information for the facility.

The name entered here will be the official legal name for the Facility, if different than the general name in the field above.

1.2. Street Address

This is the address for the Facility.

1.3. City, State, Zip

This is the address for the Facility.

1.4. NPI Number

This will be the National Provider Identifier number that has been designated by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for the Facility  (NOT for the provider). This will be particularly useful once the SOAPware Billing system is available.

1.5. Place of Service

This is the general code that is assigned to describe the type of Facility. This will also be particularly important for billing purposes.

1.6. Billing Inquiry #

This will be the contact number for the facility billing department or billing company that will be listed on billing statements. This will be useful if a patient needs to contact the facility with questions regarding their balance or charges listed on their billing statement.

1.7. CLIA Number

This number is used to reference the lab for the facility and will be placed on the billing claim form.

1.8. State License Number

The state license number for the facility can be entered if needed.

2. Scheduler Tab

2. Scheduler Tab

This is the location for the functional details of  facilities in the Scheduler. This tab includes three main sections: Provider/Resource Management, Business Hours Management, and Facility Closings.

2.1. Provider/Resource Management

In this area, should be a list of licensed providers for the site. If a provider is not already in this list, the provider likely does not have a license to the Scheduler. This area is the location to actually activate  the providers/resources that will be using the Facility.

2.2. Adding a Resource

b. Adding a Resource

Add Resources to be scheduled, in addition to providers. Resources are anything for which patient times are scheduled. For instance, this could be an R.N., an exam room or even a device, such as x-ray. These are completely determined by the user, and are designed to more efficiently schedule and manage resources for patient visits.

To add a new resource, click the Resources tab. Click the Add Resource button (with the green plus sign). The Resource Editor dialog is displayed. Type a name for the resource. This dialog manages the time for both providers and resources.

To activate the Provider or Resource selected, click the Visible checkbox. Every facility has to have at least 1 provider visible to be able to schedule appointments for that facility.

2.3. Working Hours Management

c. Working Hours Management

This section allows the working hours for the Provider/Resource to be set for the facility. If the user has multiple facilities, among which a Providers/Resource travel, set the days and hours that each will be working at each facility each week. These times that are set up will then be available for scheduling for each Provider/Resource.

To edit each day's working hours, double-click a time, or select a line, and dlick the Edit button.

Click OK when done, and repeat with following days.

To set the provider/resource's coloring for their open scheduling time, Click the Color Wheel button and click the color to change as preferred.

Click Save.

2.4. Recurrence Management

d. Recurrence Management

This allows the set up  of regular blocks for a provider at the facility. For instance, if the provider regularly takes lunch from 1pm-2pm on the days she/he is at the facility, set that time from this section.

Go to the Tools menu > Manage Facilities.  Click on the facility, Click on the Edit button, then Click on the Schedule tab.

Click to highlight the provider's name and then Click on the Edit button.

Click on the Button with the green plus under Recurrence Management

2.5. Appointment Time

Type Start Time and End Time for the blocked time.

2.6. Recurrence Pattern

Click the Recurrence Pattern radio button to designate whether the time block will be Daily (or every weekday), Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

2.7. Range of Recurrence

This allows the blocks to start on a set date, and have them reoccur a certain number of occurrences, or end by a certain date. If this is set to end after 0 occurrences, the block will not have an end date.


For example, Type the name of the blocked time, and it will show up for the facility on the scheduler.

Click Save when finished setting the block, and the display returns to the Facility dialog's Scheduler tab.

2.9. Business Hours Management

i. Business Hours Management

Set the overall operating business hours for the facility in this section, regardless of the provider that is there. Changing this section will be identical to setting the hours for a provider in the Working Hours Management section. This should be relatively simple to update and edit.

2.10. Facility Closings

j. Facility Closings

Block off the days the clinic will not be open to see patients or is closed entirely for holidays, etc. Notice this section applies to the overall facility regardless of the provider. To set up a new closing, Click the Add Closing button (with the green plus sign).

Type the Name for the closing as well as the Start Date and End Date. Click OK when finished.